Demon Possession

August 3, 2012

Briefing Outlines

There are many reasons why the subject of demon possession is a relevant subject of interest among Christians. Some of these are:

A. The popularity of eastern mysticism and religions, i.e. the New Age Craze.

B. The current romantic view of Native American Indian culture and their animistic religion. (No this is not politically correct!)

C. The apparent increase in satanic ritual abuse victims has prompted Christian counselors to question the line of demarcation between mental and spiritual etiologies.

D. A proliferation of deliverance ministries has increased the debate among evangelicals about definitions, methods, etc.

E. The evangelical presses are cranking out a high volume of literature on the subject of demonology both in fictional and non-fictional form. The works of Frank Peretti are bestsellers. We are now hearing of dark angels, territorial demons, generational curses, transference of spirits, and warring in the heavenlies.

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Bill Crouse is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and has done graduate studies at the U. of Texas at Dallas in the History of Ideas. The ministry of C.I.M. is dedicated to defending the historic faith in a postmodern world.

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