September 24, 2012

Briefing Outlines

A. When most people think of fascism today they think of an egomaniacal fuehrer, or possibly an ideology that was defeated in WWII and more recently espoused by uneducated skinheads. The most common, but largely false and simplistic answer given to the question, What is fascism? is: The extreme right wing of the political spectrum, or, The polar opposite of marxism.

Fascism is difficult to recognize because it is so poorly understood and because its nature is masked behind collective denial. MODERN FASCISM, by Gene Edward Veith, Jr., p.25.

B. Much to the consternation of WWII survivors, fascism remains alive and well and could be poised for a dangerous re-awakening. Gene Edward Veith, Jr. says:

The defeat of Hitler and the Axis powers in World War II meant the military defeat of fascism, but an ideology cannot be defeated by military power alone. Ideas linger. They are reborn when the time is right again, or they come out of hiding in strange new shapes. The major scandal of contemporary thought is that, despite World War and Holocaust, the intellectual heritage of fascism has never been repudiated. (MODERN FASCISM, p.16.).

To read the entire article, download the pdf here.

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