The Preterist View of New Testament Prophecy

October 9, 2012

Briefing Outlines

A. Interest in Biblical prophecy intensifies as we near the end of the millennium. (If Christ was born in the spring of 4 B.C. it is already 2002!). Along with an increase in sensationalism we are also witnessing a revival of a view of Biblical prophecy that was popular in previous centuries but almost unheard of in this one. Now its revival is chronicled by the appearance of books, tapes, many websites, and a growing number of adherents. The prevailing view for most of this century is that nearly all the great NT prophetic passages point to some future fulfillment. This view is generally known as the futurist (FT) view of prophecy.

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Bill Crouse is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and has done graduate studies at the U. of Texas at Dallas in the History of Ideas. The ministry of C.I.M. is dedicated to defending the historic faith in a postmodern world.

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