Mount Cudi -True Mountain of Noah?s Ark

March 6, 2013

Technical Papers

by Bill Crouse and Gor­don Franz

For its his­tor­i­cal claims the fi rst eleven chap­ters of Gen­e­sis are pos­si­bly the most attacked sec­tion of the entire Bible, and the sto­ry deemed most implau­si­ble, with­out a doubt, is the sto­ry of Noah?s Ark. That there could be such a great flood, a ship of 450 – 500 feet in length con­tain­ing pairs of every air-breath­ing ani­mal in the land, and only eight sur­vivors, is usu­al­ly treat­ed by most crit­ics as the equiv­a­lent of a nurs­ery tale for chil­dren. Hence, it?s no secret that the­o­log­i­cal lib­er­als view the Bib­li­cal sto­ry of Noah?s Ark as ?the impos­si­ble voyage,?1 and we sus­pect, for many evan­gel­i­cals, the search for Noah?s Ark con­sti­tutes ?the impos­si­ble quest.?2

Though?evangelicals ful­ly believe that the Flood was a his­tor­i­cal event, the attempt to dis­cov­er the Ark?s remains stretch­es creduli­ty. The?whole issue of the search for Noah?s Ark is not helped by the fact that its ?dis­cov­ery? is fre­quent­ly announced by a press that is not only gullible, but also enables the spread of sen­sa­tion­al sto­ries by indulging those look­ing for a moment of pub­lic­i­ty.

To read the entire arti?cle,?down­load the PDF here.


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Bill Crouse is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and has done graduate studies at the U. of Texas at Dallas in the History of Ideas. The ministry of C.I.M. is dedicated to defending the historic faith in a postmodern world.

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