The Chronology of Passion Week

April 1, 2013

Briefing Outlines

The Impor­tance
1. Due to the release of the Mel Gibson?s movie, The Pas­sion of The Christ,?under­stand­ing the events sur­round­ing the death of Christ is of supreme?importance to believ­ers who endeav­or to under­stand a fuller mean­ing of?Christ’s death and to share that mean­ing with unbe­liev­ers.

2. Under­stand­ing the chrono­log­i­cal ele­ments of Christ’s death enables us to?stand in awe as we see how His death per­fect­ly ful­filled the typol­o­gy and?prophecy of the Old Tes­ta­ment.

3. A prop­er under­stand­ing of the events of Pas­sion Week leads us to wor­ship our Lord who alone is wor­thy of our wor­ship.

To read the entire arti­cle, down­load the pdf here.


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