The Durupinar Site – Ron Wyatt: Are His Claims Bonafide?

December 18, 2013


Historical Background
In 1959 a pilot in the Turkish Air Force on a NATO mapping-mission in the mountainous terrain of eastern Turkey photographed an unusual ship-shaped object near Mt. Ararat. Later when these aerial photographs were viewed stereoscopically by Captain Ilhan Durupinar, he noticed that the object looked even more like a ship.

But what was a ship doing in those rugged mountains?

After examining the stereo photos, photogrammetry expert, Dr. Arthur Brandenberger of Ohio State, declared that the object was entirely foreign to the area, and if the object proved to be a ship someone had better explain how it got there.

Photographs of the strange formation appeared in the world press and created a sensation.

To read the entire article, download the pdf here.

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