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Post­mod­ernism in many ways is a reac­tion against mod­ernism that has been brew­ing since the late 19th Cen­tu­ry.  In post­mod­ernism the intel­lect is replaced by will, rea­son by emo­tion, and moral­i­ty by rel­a­tivism.  Real­i­ty is noth­ing more than a social con­struct;  truth equals pow­er.  Your iden­ti­ty comes from a group.  Post­mod­ernism is char­ac­ter­ized by frag­men­ta­tion, inde­ter­mi­na­cy, and a dis­trust of all uni­ver­sal­iz­ing (world­views) and pow­er struc­tures (the estab­lish­ment).  It is a world­view that denies all world­views (“sto­ries”).  In a nut­shell, post­mod­ernism says there are no uni­ver­sal truths valid for all peo­ple.  Instead, indi­vid­u­als are locked into the lim­it­ed per­spec­tive of their own race, gen­der or eth­nic group.  It is Niet­zsche in full bloom.
By: Bill Crouse

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