Divine elec­tion and pre­des­ti­na­tion are doc­trines taught in the Bible, yet?most believ­ers avoid these top­ics like last week’s left­over fish. It is?commonly believed that these sub­jects are bet­ter left to the­olo­gians with?too much time on their hands. The mere men­tion of elec­tion and?predestination strikes fear in the hearts of some, anger in oth­ers. When?Christians dis­cuss it, emo­tions get out of con­trol, heat­ed argu­ments often?ensue, along with name-call­ing, and pigeon-hol­ing. You’re a?hyper-Calvinist. You’re a rank Armin­ian. It’s a damnable doc­trine. These?are but a few of the epi­thets we have all heard.

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